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6th-Jun-2010 03:13 pm - [misc] full fandom list
Torchwood - Gwen - lovedontroam
bold = current favorites
italics = more prone to reading than
basic = somewhat but not really

a full list of my (current) fandoms

television: doctor who, torchwood, casanova, secret diary of a call girl, firefly, derren brown trick or treat, alias

reading: nibari no ou, kitekyou hitman reborn!, naruto, basara, red river, midnight secretary, vampire knight, skip beat

bands: tegan and sara, acceptance, brand new, taking back sunday, anberlin, the hermit, feeder


doctor who: rose tyler, tenth doctor, ninth doctor, nine/rose, ten/rose, donna noble, donna+doctor+rose, jack harkness, jack/rose/nine, martha/jack/ten, master/lucy, master/ten

torchwood: gwen cooper, captain jack harkness, ianto jones, jack/gwen, jack/gwen/ianto, jack/ianto, ianto/gwen, owen/tosh, adam/gwen, rhys/gwen, suzie/gwen, owen/diana owen/gwen

nibari no ou: miharu, yoite, yoite/miharu

vampire knight: yuuki, kaname, kaname/yuuki

skip beat: kyouko mogami, ren tsuruga, ren/kyouko, shou/kyouko

last updated: 6/22/08
DW - Nine - icons_of_isis
After watching The Christmas Invasion again I came to realize that Harriet Jones was right in her own way. The Doctor who has murdered more people/beings/aliens/whatevers than Harriet will ever come close to was being as ass, as per usual.

Harriet did indeed order the death of a ship full of aliens but, unlike the Doctor, it wasn't the entire race. And at least she thought about it, really thought about it. Just a shame that she was proved right. And still, she gave up her life for the Doctor later.

...Ten is so unappreciative.
20th-Jul-2008 05:08 am - doctor who rambling~
DW - Ten/Rose - bleeding_muse
I wonder how sad it is that, a week later (I was late!) I still can't watch 4x13 anything without crying. I can barely read fanfic or see icons or. <.<;;;

And those pretty fanvids mixing season 2 and the finale? No, no, no.

Maybe next week. x.X I want to rewatch everything but it's difficult because I start crying every time I cry. ihufemalestuffs
DW - Rose - acidpenguin
Genesis of the Daleks spoilersCollapse )
7th-Jul-2008 02:46 am - [SLotAT] Episode 1
DW - Nine - icons_of_isis
The Secret Life of the American Teenager Episode 1 Spoilers (kind of)Collapse )
6th-Jul-2008 08:43 pm - [DW] Earthshock - Parts 3 and 4
DW - Ten/Rose - bleeding_muse
Earthshock spoilersCollapse )
DW - Nine/Rose - icons_of_isis
So, I decided to watch Genesis of the Daleks to figure out exactly what happened to screw everything up. this episode is wtf worthy yaCollapse )
4th-Jul-2008 08:16 pm - [DW] - Earthshock part 1
DW - Rose - acidpenguin
I rented Earthshock, a Fifth Doctor four-part episode thing, from the library (and I will not get into how shocked I was to see anything Doctor-ish there).

Long story short, I <3 the Fifth Doctor. I think he beats Ten in his pouting. <.< And Tegan is awesome, too, though at the moment I prefer Nyssa. Adric's adorable and very genius-like.

*goes back to watching it*
DW - Rose - acidpenguin
03 - Rose
04 - The Doctor
01 - Donna
04 - The Doctor and Donna
01 - Rose/Doctor
01 - Jack
02 - Jack and Martha
01 - Dalek Quote (of sorts)
03 - Is it Saturday yet? icons

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